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Picking Out Hardwood Floors

Benefits Of Hardwood Floors

Deciding on the flooring inside of a home is a fascinating time. There are so many options; hardwood, carpet, vinyl, linoleum, laminate, tile, and so many others. Each flooring offers different benefits for certain people. Hardwood floors radiate natural beauty, and because of the enormous variety, wood floors can match any decor. Modern chic or rustic cottage, there’s a wood flooring option for any interior design. Wood floors do require more thought and consideration because they need to be properly maintained and taken care of, or they will not provide the desired look.

Wood Finish

After deciding on wood flooring, there are a lot of other options associated with this material. Choosing on the finish is an important aspect and will alter the installation process. Unfinished wood floors are installed first, and then several layers of protective finishing are applied. This option is beneficial for places in the home like the kitchen. When the finish is applied after installation, it helps to seal up the gaps between the pieces of wood, providing more water protection. Finished wood floors are quick and easy to install; there is no dust, fumes, or dry time. After the floor is installed, it can be walked on immediately, as opposed to unfinished floors, which require sanding, staining, and finishing. Both options are just fine and will get the same results. It just depends on the application and personal preference.

Wood floors require more maintenance than other floors, and that is especially important for newly finished wood floors. Because hardwood is an entirely flat surface, there is no place for dirt and other debris to hide, which makes daily upkeep necessary. It is also a good idea to keep in mind the type of wood that is installed and how durable it is, some hard-bristled brooms can scratch the wood when used over and over again. Rubber or other synthetic bristles are a better option for softer woods and to protect the finish. Vacuuming wood floors is also a big no-no, but if necessary, choose the bare-floor setting to ensure the rough vacuum bristles don’t damage the floor. There are many other tips and tricks to protecting wood floors and ensuring they last longer, but eventually, all wood floors need to be sanded and refinished.

Engineered Wood Or Solid Woodwood flooring by mystique hardwood floors

Both are excellent choices and offer different benefits. Solid wood flooring is all real wood planks. Engineered wood floors are many layers of wood glued together. Solid wood is a reliable option and provides excellent stability but is not the best choice for humid areas. Engineered wood can be more versatile but can only be sanded and refinished once or twice. Solid wood can be sanded and re-finished many times. Depending on the application and personal preference, both options are great.

Wood Type

This choice is probably the most exciting and fun part of getting hardwood floors. Picking out which species of wood will look best. The most common types of wood flooring are oak, maple, and cherry. These three are good options because they are widely available, relatively hard, and can be stained to a more specific color. Other options include bamboo, walnut, ash, and mahogany. These are also great options, slightly more expensive, but can offer a look and feel that others can’t. And then there are the more costly and exotic options; teak, jarrah, and mesquite. These hardwood options provide elegance and warmth that is not naturally provided by other wood options. It can be challenging to decide, but gathering a few samples to take home can always help.

Wood Floor Style

After choosing the species of wood, the board style must also be decided on. Typically most wood floors use narrow strips of wood. These narrow strips can help create the illusion of more space and help a room appear larger and more open. Planks are another popular option because they provide a more rustic look. A third option that is less common but gaining popularity is squares or rectangles. This type of hardwood flooring offers a very formal look, great for entryways.

Wood Hardness

Different wood species have different hardness levels. Red oak is considered the median for hardness at a level of 1290. Softer woods like teak or black cherry at 1000-1010 will scratch and dent much easier. Harder woods like jarrah at 1910 or Brazilian cherry, at the top of the scale with a hardness of 2350, will not scratch and dent easily. Choosing a wood species should take into account lifestyle. Homeowners with pets and children might consider a stronger wood that would be more resilient to dogs’ nails and children playing. Laying down rugs and pet beds can provider a softer place for pets to lay down and have some traction.

Wood Floor Underlayment

Before the wood floors are installed, there is an underlayment laid down. Cork and foam provide an excellent level of insulation and help to reduce the noise level. Vinyl and plastic underlayment is suitable for areas of higher moisture, like the kitchen. Hardwood floors are an excellent choice for any space in a home except for bathrooms and laundry rooms. Too much moisture is not suitable for hardwood and will cause it to warp and possibly mildew. Hardwood floors require a little more maintenance and care than other floor options like linoleum or carpet.

Hardwood Floors Experts

The staff at Mystique Hardwood Floors are experts in wood flooring. With years of experience and knowledge, our team is always happy to help you decide on the best wood flooring option. We work with you to establish the best wood choice, style, and other details before our craftsmen professionally and expertly install your wood flooring. Staining before or during installation is up to you, and we are happy to do either. And don’t worry if your floor gets a little damaged later on down the road, our team also provides repairs, refinishing, staining, and replacements. Call Mystique Hardwood Floors today for a quote on a brand new, beautiful hardwood floor!

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