Hardwood Flooring Arizona

We provide quality wood flooring throughout Arizona

The appeal of wood floors is undeniable. Hardwood is versatile, durable, and looks great. A high-caliber wood floor gives an immediate impression of class and excellence that even the finest of carpets can’t mimic. But with all of the wood flooring companies throughout The Grand Canyon State, how do you know which one to choose? When doing your research, don’t forget about Mystique Hardwood Floors. We have an enormous selection of top-quality hardwood flooring for your Arizona home or office including engineered and reclaimed hardwood options.

Reclaimed wood is recycled lumber previously used somewhere else. It could come from any type of building such as barns or offices, and is the only way to get wood from endangered tree types such as redwood. Any wood removed from somewhere and prepared for use again is considered reclaimed. Reclaimed lumber for flooring should always be inspected to make sure that it still has the strength and durability to last for several years.

Where do you want your wood floor?

Whether you’re looking to remodel a single room or your entire house, we can install wood in many rooms of your house including kitchens, living rooms, and dining areas. Think you have to carpet on for your stairs? Nope! We can put treated hardwood on your stairs with non-slip coating to reduce the chances of accidents. Have a sports or theater room? You won’t get better acoustics from your sound system than using one of our hardwood choices! Our easy-to-clean nature wood flooring won’t hold in dust or allergens so you can spend time relaxing instead of vacuuming!

Why choose us for hardwood floors?

Using only the best quality choices for our floors, when you come to us, we take care of you. When you choose us, you get several benefits to make sure the installation goes as smoothly as possible:

  • Hardwood Flooring ArizonaWe guarantee all of our work. If you’re dissatisfied with our work, give us a call and we’ll make it right.
  • We’ll give you a free no-obligation quote for your repair, replacement or hardwood floor installation.
  • We do our best to show up as scheduled, and if something comes up, we give you as much notice as possible.

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Hardwood Flooring Arizona

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