Wood Flooring Scottsdale

Wood Flooring Scottsdale

Where can you get the best wood flooring in Scottsdale?

Wood Flooring ScottsdaleWood floors are among the very best materials for flooring you can get. Wood is durable and naturally long-lasting, especially when it comes from sturdier trees. And there aren’t any deep fibers for dirt, stains, and old pieces of food to hide for years on end. They may not naturally come in flashy neon pink, but wood floors provide a stalwart, tough character nonetheless. And cleaning’s as easy as a flick of the wrist! But with so many options for wood flooring in Scottsdale, how can you be sure you choose the right kind of wood from the right company? Start by calling or visiting Mystique Hardwood Floors and we’ll help with the rest. With an enormous inventory, design assistance, and installation packages, our one-stop-shop has it all!


What hardwood floor choices do you have?

New Hardwood Flooring in ScottsdaleWe pride ourselves on having one of the largest selections of hardwood in the Scottsdale area. Our inventory includes many normal and unusual types of wood, including:

  • New hardwood flooring and options that are customized just for you. Know what wood type and color you want for your floor? We likely have it in stock. Reds, browns, grays, mahogany, and more, we’re sure to have just what you’re looking for.
  • Reclaimed flooring uses hardwood that was previously used as flooring in another structure. This could be from a barn, office, or residence, and is the only way to legally acquire rare wood types such as Coast Redwood.
  • Engineered hardwood takes natural wood and reinforces it. Usually, this consists of a thin layer of wood with your desired appearance and several strengthening layers of unfinished wood to keep your floor lasting for decades.

What if you don’t have the wood type I want? While we have numerous options to choose from, we may not have a particular color or type of wood you’re looking for at a given time. If this happens, we’ll see if we can locate it for you elsewhere. Our goal is to see you satisfied, and progress starts by finding what you’re looking for!

If it has to do with wood floors, we do it!

As a full-service wood flooring company, we do anything and everything when it comes to your hardwood. Need Hardwood floor installation? We can do that. How about refinishing? We’ll make it shine. We even do maintenance and repair work. So when you need anything to do with wood floors in Scottsdale, call us first and we’ll make sure it gets done right!

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