Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Reclaimed Hardwood Floors PhoenixSometimes, using engineered hardwood flooring or new wood for your floor isn't the best choice. Maybe you're searching for a particular type of wood that's hard to find today or need a more rustic look. At Mystique Hardwood Floor Designs, we offer reclaimed hardwood floor services in Phoenix. Our team of hardwood floor contractors also provides installation, restoration, and maintenance services.

What is reclaimed wood flooring?

Reclaimed lumber is recycled wood that has already been used in a building. This could be barn wood, reclaimed oak, or any other kind of antique flooring. As long as it was once used and removed as a hardwood floor, then it is considered reclaimed if it can be used again.

Why have used wood?

Unlike the typical usage like vehicle purchasing where "used" is inferior to new, for wood, that is often not the case. For flooring, used lumber has a number of benefits and advantages for certain design types.

First, it has an antique look and feel that is difficult to replicate. A lot of reclaimed wood comes from buildings decades old and trees older than that. These older trees grew naturally instead of being farmed and had years to grow naturally strong. These natural marks are shown in the flooring and give your home a strong character that can't be mimicked.

Salvaged Hardwood Floors in PhoenixRecycled wood is environmentally friendly. Generally, reclaimed lumber comes from buildings that are demolished and the wood is carefully removed before the destruction of the building. By using this wood again, you salvage wood flooring that would otherwise be scrapped.

Many types of old-growth wood can't be found anywhere else. Endangered species of trees such as California Redwood are protected and can't be harvested anymore. However, some buildings had floors made out of Redwood before these regulations were in place, and these can be legally reused as recycled hardwood flooring.

It can be significantly cheaper. Not only are some wood types rare, but they can also cost as little as half as much as buying new wood. As long as the wood has been properly inspected and treated, it's as strong and durable as new wood but usually costs less.

We stand by our reclaimed flooring

If you decide to choose reclaimed hardwood for your floor, we'll make sure it's done right. You won't give you any decaying pieces or anything that won't last. You can have a unique look for your home and maybe even save some money in the process. For your free estimate on reclaimed flooring or other services, call or contact us today!

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