Professional Hardwood Floor Cleaning Services

hardwood-floor-cleaning-servicesHomeowners with hardwood floors know how much beauty real wood floors can add to a room. But over time, dust, dirt, and grime can build up as well as wear and scuff marks from foot and pet traffic. This can leave your floor looking dull and drab.

Mystique is proud to offer professional hardwood floor cleaning services to help return you floors to their original glory. Hardwood floors are our passion so we use top of the line Bona® floor cleaning machines to help give your floor look brand new again.

Why hire a professional?

Traditional floor cleaning methods such as sweeping and mopping can help keep your floors clean but they don't provide the deep clean needed to restore floors to their original state. Our technicians are highly trained to insure your wood floor is given the attention it deserves. Our Bona® Hardwood Floor Cleaners are specifically designed for hardwood floors to help guarantee your floor will look like it was just installed!

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