Wood Flooring Paradise Valley

Wood Flooring Paradise Valley

Wood Flooring Paradise Valley

Do you want the best quality wood floors?

Then make sure to come by Mystique Hardwood Floors!Choosing wood for your floor is the smart choice. Carpet can’t match the sophisticated, timeless look of quality wood flooring. And quality is important. When you choose to upgrade to wood, you want to make sure that it will have all of the many benefits hardwood has to offer. Our wood flooring in Paradise Valley is the best around and includes an enormous selection of everything from custom wood choices to reclaimed lumber.

Our hardwood works in any room

Like the idea of having matching hardwood flooring through every room in your house? We can make it happen! Hardwood doesn’t have to be relegated to the kitchen or bedrooms; it works well everywhere! Along with common room choices, we can also put hardwood in utility and theater rooms, sports rooms and dens, and even stairs! We’ll even treat our wood with an anti-slip coating to help keep you and your family safe.

Looking for exotic woods?

We may be able to help! If you’re in search of uncommon wood for that perfect look, we have several options in our incredible stock that may fit your needs, including:

Bamboo is a durable flooring choice that comes in many colors. Since it grows fast, it’s eco-friendly while still being easy to clean.
Reclaimed Wood
Reclaimed wood flooring is flooring taken from another building to be reused. It’s the only way to get endangered species like Redwood!
Engineered Hardwood
Looking for something built to last? Engineered hardwood is durable and is highly resistant to water damage, moisture, and other spills.
Custom Hardwood
Want a specific look but unsure of what it is? Show us your design and we’ll see if we can find a match to give you the look you want.

Choose us to install your floor too

If you find that perfect choice for your home in our inventory, we can install it for you too! Our products also come with some of the longest warranties available, so you can be sure you’ve made the right choice. As full-service wood floor specialists, we’re here for you whenever you need us, from installation to refinishing, to repairs, if it has to do with hardwood, we’re the experts! So give us a call or contact us today for your free no-obligation estimate!

Wood Flooring Paradise Valley AZ

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