Hardwood Floor Repair

Hardwood Floor Repair Phoenix
Many new homes that come with hardwood flooring only have a thin coat of finish on them. This makes them less durable and prone to fading, scuffs, and damage that can go through to the wood. Once that happens water and moisture can get in and cause serious harm. Mystique Hardwood Floor Designs offers  premiere hardwood floor repair in Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Are your wood floors looking dull? Is the color fading in areas where the sun hits it, and it now has an inconsistent look? Depending on the manufacturer, your hardwood floors may not have a layer of UV protection on them. This allows the finish and wood to fade. Catching this need for hardwood floor repair early is advisable. The longer you wait, the deeper the damage will go.

Hardwood Floor Repair Done Right

At Mystique Hardwood Floor Designs we can sand, stain, and refinish your hardwood flooring to get it looking like new. When necessary, we can also replace boards and rebuild damaged areas. If you have had water damage that has ruined an area of your wood flooring we get it level, smooth, and uniform in color again.

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Trusted Hardwood Floor Repair and Refinishing

Hardwood floor repair can have a large impact on the look and style of a home or business. A poor hardwood repair job can even be dangerous, causing tripping injuries or embedded wood splinters. The longer a damaged wood floor goes without repair, the worse it will get. Warped sections become more warped and frayed or splintered areas become more so. Eventually, it may require a full hardwood floor repair.

Our hardwood floor repair services use the best products with the longest warranties. Our process is low-impact on your home or business. We work with dust-free sanding and low-scent finishing products. Our hardwood floor repair technicians are experienced and skilled. We are dedicated to the details, ensuring the elegance and beauty that wood flooring should always deliver. The hardwood floor repair sealants and finishing products we use are multi-layered, fast-drying, and built for strength and protection.

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