Hardwood Floor Refinishing

Wood Floor Refinishing PhoenixA wood floor refinishing in Phoenix can uplift the look of a home or office in a way that nothing else can. A hardwood floor offers elegance and beauty while opening up the feel of a room. However, a worn, scratched hardwood floor quickly ages a room, giving it a dull, dingy appearance. Mystique Hardwood Floors has the latest techniques and equipment available to restore your hardwood flooring to its original beauty. We carefully maintain the quality of the wood, while sanding, buffing, repairing, and staining it to reestablish a like-new wood flooring.

The Mystique Hardwood Floor process of hardwood floor refinishing is well vented and allows for dust control. We protect your home from particulates in the air. While our wood floor refinishing process is quick and clean, it is among the highest quality you will find in the Phoenix Metro area.

Our professional hardwood restorers focus on getting each detail right. from every nail pressed into place to ensure the finish and sealant is completely level and smooth, Mystique Hardwood Floor upholds stellar quality in hardwood floor refinishing.

Full Finishes For Your Floor

The hardwood floors in many new Phoenix homes often only get a minimal coat of finish on them. And that’s a problem.

Because after only a few years’ time, the UV rays and regular wear can age them considerably. Minimally-finished hardwood floors may also become damaged by water and moisture. In many cases, excessive wear that may have otherwise been prevented with a proper finish generally requires fully replacing boards.

At times the damage may be superficial and only need sanding, restaining, and refinishing. Other times there is more than discoloration. A complete refinishing helps prevent floorboards from becoming warped and misshapen. Mystique Hardwood Floor has talented hardwood floor refinishing professionals who can apply a protective, aesthetic coat to extend the life of any hardwood floor.

Hardwood Floor Staining

Wood Floor Refinishing Services PhoenixWood floor staining can have a dramatic effect on your hardwood flooring. Changing the depth of color on your wood floors to match the cabinetry, create a bolder tone, or just give a room a new feel is one of the most cost-effective ways to remodel. Hardwood floor staining goes hand-in-hand with adding borders, medallions, and other decorative hardwood accents to your flooring. Upgrading the style of a living room, bathroom, or dining room with hardwood floor staining is a wonderful way of remodeling the style of your home.

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